My First “Inking”

by Nicholas Robinson

As the light fades and the city goes to sleep, two forces emerge.  They are invisible to us except for the force they exert on us in our sleep, battling for our souls through dreams.  One force, the Storytellers, delivers hope and strength though good dreams; the other, the Incubi, infuse the subconscious with desperation through nightmares.  John (Chris Kelly) and Emma (Quinn Hunchar), father and daughter, are wrenched into this fantastical dream world battle, forced to fight for John’s soul and to save Emma from an eternal nightmare.  Separate in their journey, they encounter unusual characters that exist only in their subconscious.  Or do they? –

Now off the bat, I just want to say that I think this was an amazing movie. The story, visuals, cinematography, acting, score; all of it was top notch.  Before I started watching this movie, I told myself “Dude, take the visuals with a grain of salt.  It was only made for $250,000.”  Then I started to watch it.  I was so immersed in this fantasy world that was created that the movie could have had an infinite budget and the visuals would have been the same.

With that said, there were some points about the movie that told you about the budget.  However, these budget constraints were covered creatively.  For example, instead of someone who is blind having the greyed-out pupils or something like that, his eyes were taped shut.

My favourite aspect of this movie I must say is the cinematography; particularly when they overlapped the dream world with the real world.  The way that it was done made it look like the dream world was a piece of tracing paper put over the real world which, even though it sounds boring, is actually very good when you are watching it.  I love that they take into account that due to the laws of nature, the dream world cannot physically affect the world, only influence it.  This meant that whenever something in the dream world happened that should affect the physicality of the real world, it was immediately put back in its original state.

I loved the performances of Chris Kelly and Jeremy Make (Jacob).  Chris Kelly portrayed the transformation of John Sullivan from wonderful lover to neglecting father perfectly.  Jeremy pulled off playing a character with such varying personality, and I really loved that.  There’s the humorous asshole, the serious guy and the “crazy blind bastard” personality that we all know (hopefully) and love.

What I have to say though, that pushes this movie over the top are the action sequences.  Yes, I know, I’m a teenager and of course I’m going to love them and so on and so on but really, they were just amazing.   The freeze frames (another wonderful cinematography cover up where slow motion was too expensive) were very well placed and I am just a fan of the few versus many fights.

I had very few problems with this movie and even those, I have to think really hard to find.  One of which was Quinn Hunchar’s acting.  Throughout the movie, she only speaks at the beginning and 1 or 2 lines in the middle and maybe a sound effect here and there.  I understand that her role in the movie is to be a scared little girl but more depth could have been added there.  At the beginning of the movie she was great because all she had to do was be a little child but as the movie went on she had the same expression on her face from where the adventure starts, to where it ends.  The only other problem I can think of with this movie is that even tough I loved the creative budget cover-ups, I would love to see this movie with a larger budget (not a remake, same actors and so on but just more money).

Overall this is a must watch for any and everybody who likes to escape from reality for two hours through any medium and I am looking forward to the next project written and/or directed by Jamin Winans.

IMDB says 6.8/10

Rotten Tomatoes says N/A

I say 9.4/10


~ by sputnikreviews on December 16, 2009.

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