Golden Globes Best Picture Nominee: (500) Days of Summer

by Nicholas Robinson

After it looks as if she’s left his life for good this time, Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) reflects back on the just over one year that he knew Summer Finn (Zooey Deschanel). Despite being physically average in almost every respect, Summer had always attracted the attention of men, Tom included. For Tom, it was love at first sight when she walked into the greeting card company where he worked, she the new administrative assistant. Soon, Tom knew that Summer was the woman with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. Although Summer did not believe in relationships or boyfriends – in her assertion, real life will always ultimately get in the way – Tom and Summer became more than just friends. Through the trials and tribulations of Tom and Summer’s so-called relationship, Tom could always count on the advice of his two best friends, McKenzie (Geoffrey Arend) and Paul (Matthew Gray Gubler). However, it is Tom’s adolescent sister, Rachel (Chloe Moretz), who is his voice of reason. After all is said and done, Tom is the one who ultimately has to make the choice to listen or not. –

This movie is perfect in every single way, shape and form.  I saw the trailer and thought this would be an above average romantic comedy but when I went to the theatre and saw it, I was laughing my head off and feeling happiness and sadness at the appropriate moments.  I thought it was so awesome, I went out and rented the DVD and watched it again and it was amazing. The story, the acting and the direction was amazing.

Although it may seem random how the story switches back and forth between days, but as you watch it, you realize that it’s not a story about the relationship, it’s a story about after the relationship and how the guy looks back through it to see where he went wrong and the way in which they do it is amazing.  What, I love most about it though, is that the script is written in such a way that the transitions between post-relationship and during-relationship are seamless. That is not the genius of the editor, it is the genius of the writer.  The comedy is well placed throughout the entire movie.  In fact, the dancing scene from the trailer is hilarious in itself, but the reason for it is even funnier; trust me.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was amazing in this movie.  This role was not one that was unique in itself; it just called for a unique way in which to play it.  There are tons of guys in the world who were in love and had their heart broken, but Joseph portrays it in such a way that puts the blame on himself for the heartache in the first place which is unique in the whole romantic comedy genre.  Zooey Deschanel, who I love as an actress from the start, was also amazing in the movie.  She made her behaviour seem so reasonable and correct, even though quite a bit of it was a slap in Joseph’s face due to her constant notion of not wanting a relationship.  She made you root for her, when she was the one causing all the pain in this movie, and I love that she can pull it off so effortlessly.  Chloe Moretz was also fantastic as Tom’s sister Rachel.  She brings a new spin on sibling relationship advice.  “Just don’t be a pussy Tom.”

This movie is filled with unforgettable scenes, such as the dancing scene from the trailer and their time in IKEA, but my favourite scene comes in on day 404/411 (they don’t say).  This is where its a split screen of his expectations of what will happen and what actually does and it helps you show how average people disappoint themselves in many ways and that’s something that I don’t think has been done before.

Overall, this movie is perfect in every way, shape and form.  Go and buy it, give it to someone for Christmas, show it to your significant other, show it to your parents.  Hell, show it to a random person you meet on the street.  Everybody should see this movie at least twice.

IMDB says 8.1/10

Rotten Tomatoes says 86%

I say 10/10


~ by sputnikreviews on December 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “Golden Globes Best Picture Nominee: (500) Days of Summer”

  1. wow might have to check it out

  2. Light, delicious, divine/ the intensity of youth, with a superstar leading man. How sweet this film is……

  3. I loved this movie must see it a second time with …..

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