This Week in Bluray

by Nicholas Robinson

Rent It


Reason:  When I saw the trailer, it pumped me up seriously for this movie.  There was action and a story that I really wanted to see unfold.  However, when I watched this, the action was still amazing and the characters were hilariously unique, but the story was a bit weak.  Therefore, I suggest that you rent it and if you think it’s better than that, you can buy it.

DVD: Yes

A Perfect Getaway

Reason:  I saw the trailer and it looked pretty interesting, however has not come out in Jamaica so I haven’t had the chance to watch it.  If all I had to go on was the trailer, I would definitely rent it, maybe even buying.

DVD: Yes

Metallica – Orgullo, Pasion Y Gloria – Tres Noches en Mexico

Reason:  I have never listened to Metallica, but the people who do, love them.  So if you are one of those people, you might want to pick this up for a watch.  In fact, I will because I think it would be a good introduction to the band.

DVD: Yes

Paranormal Activity

Reason:  I put this here because I have not given it a fair chance.  When I watched this, after 30 mins, the only thing that happened was that a door moved and I just stopped watching it.  Therefore, I will be renting this soon to try and finish watching it and my final view will be posted soon.

DVD: Yes

Don’t Touch with a 10 ft Pole

Jennifer’s Body

Reason:   I went to this movie thinking “A new Diablo Cody movie?? Megan Fox being hot and slutty???YES!!!” and then I watched it and oh my god that movie was bad.  It was so bad I wasn’t even able to look at Megan Fox, that’s just how BAD it is.  If someone walks into your home and says anything that even remotely implies that they think its good, you throw them out, block & delete them on ur messenger and facebook, unfollow them on twitter and forget about them as you should not associate yourself with a supreme idiot.

DVD: Yes

The Marine 2

Reason: The first one was utterly horrible.  The only good part was when Robert Patrick gave his henchman a dirty look when he said that John Cena was like the Terminator (For those of you who don’t get that, he’s the evil terminator in T2).  Sequels are worse than their originals.  Ergo, avoid this movie completely.

DVD: Yes

Stuff I haven’t heard about

  • Home Front
  • Assembly
  • Accident

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