Golden Globes Best Picture Nominee: The Hangover

by Nicholas Robinson

Angelenos Doug Billings (Justin Bartha) and Tracy Garner (Sasha Barrese) are about to get married. Two days before the wedding, the four men in the wedding party – Doug, Doug’s two best buddies Phil Wenneck (Bradley Cooper) and Stu Price (Ed Helms), and Tracy’s brother Alan Garner (Zach Galifianakis) – hop into Tracy’s father’s (Jeffrey Tambor) beloved Mercedes convertible for a 24-hour stag party to Las Vegas. Phil, a married high school teacher, has the same maturity level as his students when he’s with his pals. Stu, a dentist, is worried about everything, especially what his controlling girlfriend Melissa (Rachael Harris) thinks. Because she disapproves of traditional male bonding rituals, Stu has to lie to her about the stag, he telling her that they are going on a wine tasting tour in the Napa Valley. Regardless, he intends on eventually marrying her, against the advice and wishes of his friends. And Alan seems to be unaware of what are considered the social graces of the western world. The morning after their arrival in Las Vegas, they awaken in their hotel suite each with the worst hangover. None remembers what happened in the past twelve or so hours. The suite is in shambles. And certain things are in the suite that shouldn’t be, and certain things that should be in the suite are missing. Probably the most important in the latter category is Doug. As Phil, Stu and Alan try to find Doug using only what little pieces of information they have at hand, they go on a journey of discovery of how certain things got into the suite and what happened to the missing items. However they are on a race for time as if they can’t find Doug in the next few hours, they are going to have to explain to Tracy why they are not yet back in Los Angeles. And even worse, they may not find Doug at all before the wedding. –

I have watched this movie three times and I still laugh my ass off at every joke even though I know what’s coming.  I still have to pause the movie at times as I am laughing so hard I do not know what’s going on at the moment.  I was not annoyed at any of the characters, jokes, or story points throughout the movie.  These three things are what every comedy should aim to achieve.  This movie is among the few that have.  The story was very hilarious, the cameos were wonderful, the acting was amazing and the soundtrack was good.

The story in this movie was just amazing.  I loved that it was simple yet complicated.  The simple part is it is a journey of three friends trying to find their fourth and the complex part is all the twists and turns they encounter on their journey.  What I really love about the story though is that it shows what good friends should be willing to do in order to help a friend in need.  Like Alan says “I tend to think of myself as a one-man wolf pack… And my wolf pack… it grew by one… I just added two more guys to my wolf pack. Four of us wolves, running around the desert together, in Las Vegas, looking for strippers”

The cameos are what really made me laugh.  There was Jeffrey Tambor, Heather Graham, Mike Tyson and Ken Jeong.  All of these people were in the movie no more than 5 minutes each (maybe 10 for Heather) but in those 5 minutes, they made me laugh harder than most comedies nowadays do for the whole movie.  I think however that my favourite cameo was Mike Tyson listening to Phil Collins.  That shit was hilarious.

All of the acting in this movie was wonderful. They all made you feel what you should be feeling.  I especially loved Zach Galifianakis in that movie.  Most of the time he made you feel happy ad carefree because that was what he was, other times he creeped you out, and other times he made you laugh so much because he’s just as immature as the others but overall he was hilarious.  He shows you that just because you act like a child and maybe think like a child, even though you are an adult, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you or that you can’t have friends who society considers to be normal or in fact that you can’t be normal at all.  He shows you that as long as you be true to yourself and others, you will always have friends you can count on.

Bradley Cooper was also hilarious.  When I watched this movie, I was reminded of the episode of How I Met Your Mother where they went to Marshall’s bachelor party Ted said something.  He said “Now every bachelor party is made up of the same stock characters.  You’ve got the groom, the best man, the guy who speaks only in clichés, the guy who disappears at the beginning of the night and doesn’t show up again until the end and of course, well, Barney.  Every bachelor party has a Barney.”  Bradley Cooper was the best man, the guy who speaks only in clichés and Barney all rolled up into one and that was hilarious.  He was speaking in clichés, he made sure to get an awesome suite and break rules when he felt like.  That was very hilarious.  He also showed that he would do anything to get his best friend, the groom back which I found quite touching.

I have never liked popular music and I don’t think I ever will (unless it actually gets good of course).  However, I liked the music in this music and that surprised me because it was mostly pop music.  It fit the scenes of the movie perfectly.  However, it is not a soundtrack that I would get on iTunes and listen to many times because, once again, I don’t like pop music.

Overall, I think this is a must watch movie for anyone.  You can even take your girlfriends to this movie and they will like it.  I should know. I did.

IMDB says 8.0/10

Rotten Tomatoes says 77%

I say 9.0/10


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  1. I Loved this will watch again

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