Golden Globes Best Animated Feature Nominee: Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

by Nicholas Robinson

The timeless tale has been adapted from Ron and Judi Barrett’s book, which illustrates a world where giant pancakes and pasta fall from the sky as a scientist tries to solve world hunger. However, things go terribly wrong when excess amounts of food overload cities and towns. –

I watched this movie thinking it was going to be bad.  I have to say, I was a bit surprised.  The story was pretty weak and the acting was average but I laughed quite hard at some points in the movie and that’s what saved it.

Even though most of the story points were explained in the trailer, a couple of them were left out and even then those were quite predictable.  Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader) predictably kept the invention on even though he new that something was going wrong because he was getting what he had wanted all his life, people liked him.  That fatal flaw would have been perfect in a tragedy but n a comedy it was only average.  There are other flaws with this story but if I go on with them I’d only be boring you and most importantly me (It’s just sad when your own writing would bore you).

The acting as I said was all around average, but a couple of actors in small roles were quite good and these were Mayor Shelbourne (Bruce Campbell) and Earl Devereaux (Mr. T.).  These characters were hilarious and they were helped by the comedic actors who played them.  Bruce Campbell does quite well at making you laugh as the selfish mayor but Mr. T. steals the show as an overzealous policeman and father.  They were just downright hilarious.

What saved this movie were the jokes.  I was annoyed with a few of them like that Flint kept narrating what he did and provided his own background music.  Also, we didn’t have to spend 10 minutes on the entire town gasping when it started raining burgers.  But, most of them were quite funny.  My favourite one I have to say is near the end when Earl crashes through a giant nacho while carrying something, the hole he makes forms a T.  This wasn’t really a joke, but a funny fact that I noticed on the IMDB page is that the monkey, Steve, was played by Neil Patrick Harris, one of the funniest guys around today.

Overall it’s a fun film that doesn’t deserve more than a rent.

IMDB says 7.4/10

Rotten Tomatoes says 85%

I say 7.5/10


~ by sputnikreviews on January 3, 2010.

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