This Week in DVD

by Nicholas Robinson

Buy It

50 Dead Men Walking

I saw the trailer and was blown away.  Then I saw the movie and it was slightly worse than expected, but still pretty awesome.  Jim Sturgess and Ben Kingsley gave great performances and the story was just amazing.

Bluray: Yes

Burn Notice Seasons 1 & 2 Set

I love this show.  I cannot wait until it comes back this month.  I am so psyched to find out what happens next. This is a must buy for people who love the show and for people who want to start but not be confused with he underlying story.  Just a quick note, the first 5/6 episodes are not up to scratch so don’t wimp out before you watch the entire first season.

Bluray: Yes

Rent It

10 Things I Hate About You

The last time I saw this movie, I was in first form and though it was pretty good for a rom com.  However, I am sure if I watch it now that would not be so.  I’d probably think that it’s bad.  But until that time comes, I will recommend this movie for a romantic movie night with you girlfriend/boyfriend.

Bluray:  Yes

Big Love Season 3

I have honestly never watched this show, but the premise of a mature sitcom about a polygamist is very intriguing.  I have meant to watch it for a while.  Hope I get around to it.  But, if you love it, you can buy it or rent it.  Your choice.

Bluray: No

Chuck Season 2

Once again, I have never watched this show.  The premise sounds hilarious and I have heard wonderful things about it from my brother.  But, once again, if you love it, buy it or rent it.  Your choice.

Bluray: Yes

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

I just watched this movie and thought it was pretty funny.  There were some points that annoyed the hell out of me, but overall it was very funny.  That is why it has been demoted to a rent.

Bluray: Yes

Don’t Touch With A 10ft Pole

The Final Destination

I have not seen any of this series of movies.  I don’t plan to.  However, I may do it just for shits and giggles but the average Joe (unless your Jamaican) should not touch this movie if it dressed up as Selma Hayek and tried to seduce you.

Bluray: Yes

Stuff I Haven’t Heard About

  • Good Witch
  • Independent Lens: Between the Folds
  • Kendra Season 1
  • Trucker
  • Brava Italia
  • The Philanthropist Complete
  • Falling Up
  • Circuit

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