Sputnik Reviews Movie World Cup 2010: South Africa

by Nicholas Robinson

As you all know, FIFA World Cup 2010 finished a few weeks ago.  The World Cup itself inspired me to create a similar event for my blog.  It has taken me a month to prepare and organize but it is time to unveil what I have been working on.  So, without further ado, I present the 1st Sputnik Reviews Movie World Cup 2010!

The event: This World Cup will play out exactly like the FIFA World Cup using the exact same countries.  There are eight groups, each with four countries.  Each country will play all the other countries in its group once.  The top two countries from each group will move on to the Round of 16 and the winners of those matches go to the Quarterfinals, then the Semifinals and finally the Finals.  This will occur in the time span of a little more than a month.  The winning country will then receive bragging rights for four years until the next World Cup.

The Rules: Each country enters a team of seven movies that they deem worthy to represent them.  These movies must be available to be watched by the judge (i.e. myself).  If not enough movies are available for review, then that team is declared a bye team for their group.  This means that any country playing them automatically wins.

The maximum number of matches any country can play (meaning they reach the finals) is seven.  This means that in each matchup, only one movie is used and a different movie must be used each round.  For example, if one of the movies on the USA team is The Big Lebowski, once it has represented the USA in a match, it cannot be chosen again for the remainder of the tournament.

In a match, each movie is reviewed and a score out of ten is given to it by the judge.  The movie with the greater score wins the match.

In the group stages, points are given to the countries based on the outcome of the matches.  For a win, a country receives three points.  One point is given for a draw and no points for a loss.  The two teams with the most points in each group go through to the Round of 16.  If two or more teams have the same points, they will be separated by the following criteria in the order given:

  • Goal Difference
  • Goals Scored
  • Individual Match Results between the tying teams

So, now that you know the rules, it is time to introduce the teams!

Click here to see the teams–>


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