Movie World Cup: Group Stages – Round 1 Matchups

by Nicholas Robinson

Allright! So who is ready for the first round of the group stages of the 1st Sputnik Reviews Movie World Cup?  Wait, that’s a rhetorical question, I know everybody is and I know I am.  So, as promised, this article will tell you the matches that encompass the 1st round of the group stages.  The article will tell you which country is playing which and which movie will represent each of them in this round.  It will also tell you the dates that the results will be posted.  Well, I’ve talked for too long, here are the matches:

Team 1 vs Team 2 Date
Stander(RSA) vs El Mariachi(MEX) Aug. 8
Green Zone(FRA) vs 25 Watts(URU) Aug. 8
Diarios de Motocicleta(ARG) vs Audition(KOR) Aug. 9
Hardcore(GRE) vs BYE(NIG) Aug. 9
Slovenka(SVN) vs Requiem for a Dream(USA) Aug. 10
Nowhere Boy(ENG) vs BYE(ALG) Aug. 10
BYE(GHA) vs Alexander(GER) Aug. 11
Love and Other Crimes(SRB) vs Australia(AUS) Aug. 11
Winter in Wartime(NED) vs Battle Royale(JPN) Aug. 12
Antichrist(DEN) vs BYE(CMR) Aug. 12
BYE(PAR) vs Black Sheep(NZL) Aug. 13
8 ½(ITA) vs BYE(SVK) Aug. 13
City of Men(BRA) vs BYE(CIV) Aug. 14
O Fantasma(POR) vs BYE(PRK) Aug. 14
Tony Manero(CHI) vs [Rec](ESP) Aug. 15
Zentropa(SUI) vs BYE(HON) Aug. 15

~ by sputnikreviews on August 1, 2010.

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