Group Stages – Round 1: Diarios de Motocicleta (ARG) vs Audition (KOR)

by Nicholas Robinson

The first half: “The Motorcycle Diaries” is based on the journals of Che Guevara (Gael Garcia Bernal), leader of the Cuban Revolution. In his memoirs, Guevara recounts adventures he, and best friend Alberto Granado (Rodrigo De la Serna), had while crossing South America by motorcycle in the early 1950s. –

When this came out a few years ago, I saw the trailer and I thought it looked really good but I never got a chance to see it until now.  This movie is a truly emotional journey of two souls travelling 12000 km across the beautiful countryside of South America.  The story was great, the acting was really good and there was amazing character development.

This story was really good.  It was well paced too.  It never spent any time on any place that was unnecessary.  However, they could have spent slightly more time in San Pablo as the time they spent, the feeling you get from them leaving those people wasn’t as strong as it would have been if they spent fifteen more minutes on it.

Although it was well paced, it felt very long but in a good way.  This extreme journey over 12000 km using a motorcycle for only the first 4000 and their feet for the rest, took around six months.  That long feeling in the movie is the closest anyone will get to feeling how they felt while they were making that journey.  Also, the last fifteen minutes or so of the movie felt rushed.  It was as if they made there way to Caracas on their raft without doing anything even remotely important.  It spoiled the long feeling that the movie gave.

The acting in the movie was good all around but special attention goes to Gael Garcia Bernal and Rodrigo De la Serna.  They were great as the two doctors on this journey.  When the characters felt something, they made you feel as though you had felt it as well.  They showed such a range of emotion that it was if they were who they were portraying them, not just portraying them in a film.  For that I have to give them props.

What I also liked in this movie is where they took a break to show some black and white pictures of what seemed to be random people.  However, to me, it seemed as if they were people that they had met along their journey that Che was thinking about in his spare time.  That was an interesting way to portray thoughts that in the book would have been done by narrative.

With all its positive points, this movie had a few shortfalls.  I have mentioned most of them already.  There is just one more.  Che’s girlfriend Chichina (Mia Maestro) was way too underdeveloped.  She was in the movie for a maximum of ten minutes and in those ten minutes, most of the time the movie was focusing on something else.  So, when later in the movie, Che receives a letter from her basically saying that they’ve broken up, it is kind of hard to feel what he is feeling as there was no strong attachment to the character in the first place.

Overall it is a very good movie that will send people through an emotional rollercoaster and make them want to watch it again.

IMDB says 7.9/10

RT says 84%

I say 8.0/10

Click here to see the second half –>


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