Group Stages – Round 1: Hardcore (GRE) vs BYE (NIG)

by Nicholas Robinson

The first half: Leaving behind a hard life with their families, two young girls end up in a brothel, fall in love and support one another against the adversities and violence of the night. –

Now, I have to apologize for the extreme lateness of this article but as I stated in my post yesterday, there was an extended power outage in my area and I was unable to complete watching the movie until now.  I am not glad that I did.  This movie is nothing more than average.  Average story, average acting.  The only things above average were the music and the amount of sex in the film.

The story was an average mash-up between love and suspense.  The only unique thing about it is that instead of boy meets girl, it is girl meets girl.  The only good thing about this story was the good development of only one of the characters, Nandia (Danai Skiadi).  In the story, she goes from a young girl whoring herself to buy CDs to a murderer to a fame junkie, all in the space on ninety minutes which is really good.

The acting as well was average except for two people.  Katerina Tsavalou (Martha) was bland for the entire movie.  Her face would have been motionless for the entire movie if she didn’t talk.  That’s how bland she was.  Ioannis Papazisis (Argyris) on the other hand was very good.  He portrayed the fun male whore in the first forty five minutes and then the guilt ridden male for the rest of his time on screen and he does this very well.

The only other thing I liked was the music in this movie.  I really liked both the score and the songs used in this movie as they really fit whatever was happening.  What counteracts this good point is the amount of sex in the movie.  It was one step short of a pornographic movie.  The only difference was that when the sex was occurring in this movie, it was more of a broad shot, than close ups of privates.

Overall it was an average movie that I will never watch again and don’t recommend for people to watch.

IMDB says 6.4/10

RT says N/A

I say 6.0/10

The second half: Nigeria has been designated as a bye team so it automatically receives a score of 0/10.

The result: Greece wins. Greece 6 – 0 Nigeria


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