Group Stages – Round 1: Slovenka (SVN) vs Requiem for a Dream (USA)

by Nicholas Robinson

The first half: Alexandra (Nina Ivanisin) is a student from Krsko, a small town in Slovenia, while she studies the English language in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. She has a plan to conquer the world. Working as a prostitute, her life is heading to where she wants it, but an accidental death has her wrestling with new feelings of fear, loneliness, confusion and responsibility. –

Once again I have chosen a movie where everything is average or lower.  The story is boring, the acting is bland, the camerawork is average and the movie isn’t interesting in the slightest.  If the rest of the movies from Slovenia are like this one, then something tells me it doesn’t stand a chance against the giants of England and USA.

The story in this movie has no real point to it.  What makes this even worse is that it had the potential to be good but the big event that caused a shift in her life was only revisited for five seconds when she sees something on the street and runs from it.  It was boring.  There really isn’t anything else to say about it.

As I said before, the acting in this movie was very bland.  This was surprising as in the synopsis it says that Alexandra has to wrestle with her new feelings of fear, loneliness, confusion and responsibility but the only emotions I saw Nina Ivanisin exhibit were frightened and what I call regular which is when she look the same for the entire movie.  The rest of the acting in the movie was just plain average.

Overall, this is a boring movie that I am glad I am not watching again and you should be glad you read this before you saw it.

IMDB says 6.5/10

RT says N/A

I say 5/10

Click here to see the second half–>


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~ by sputnikreviews on August 10, 2010.

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