Group Stages – Round 1: BYE (GHA) vs Alexander (GER)

by Nicholas Robinson

The first half: Ghana has been designated as a bye team and so automatically receives a score of 0/10.

The second half: ‘Alexander’ traces the short, but adventurous life of the Macedonian conqueror, Alexander the Great (Colin Farrell) (356-323 B.C.), whom conquered almost the entire known world of his era. From his childhood as the son of King Philip (Val Kilmer), to ascending the throne at age 20 in 336 B.C. upon his father’s murder, and starting in 334 B.C., Alexander crossed into Asia on his 11-year conquest of the known world. From his conquests of Egypt, to battles with the Persians and the capture of Babylon, operations near Maracanda and in Afghanistan, and pushing all the way to India where he reigned unchallenged before his sudden death at age 32. Though Alexander made use of the well-oiled army created by his father, he pushed the limits of Macedonian & Greek power to levels King Philip could not have dreamed of. –

Before I watched this movie, I had heard from everyone who saw it that it was bad, but I decided to give it a chance.  I watched it with an open mind and wasn’t impressed, but I didn’t think it was bad either.  There was some good acting, an ok story and some decent action.

Overall, the acting was pretty average but there were some bright sparks in an otherwise dull light.  Colin Farrell was really good at portraying Alexander the Great, making you believe that he really did have a vision for unity among the great countries of Asia.  Jared Leto was really good (as always) as Hephaistion, Alexander’s best friend (and by the tone of the movie his lover).  Val Kilmer was also good as King Philip.  He portrayed the drunk genius of King Philip quite well and deserves a commendation.

The story in this movie was ok as a historic film but it was poorly paced.  I understand that it was really an old man telling a story but he would spend an hour on one week and then skip over eight years.  Not only was it poorly paced but it was way too long.  At a runtime of 165 minutes, I should be getting something epic like The Lord of the Rings, not this thing.

Overall, this movie was average with some good points that were cancelled out by some pretty bad ones.

IMDB says 5.4/10

RT says 16%

I say 6.5/10

The result: Germany wins.  Ghana 0 – 6.5 Germany


~ by sputnikreviews on August 12, 2010.

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