Group Stages – Round 1: Love and Other Crimes (SRB) vs Australia (AUS)

by Nicholas Robinson

The first half: A woman flirting with the wrong side of the law finds romance along the way in this drama from first-time director Stefan Arsenijevic. Anica (Anica Dobra) is a woman in her early thirties who for several years has been involved with Milutin (Fedja Stojanovic), a second-string mob boss. However, Milutin also has a wife and a disturbed daughter, and Anica has come to realize he has only so much room for her in his life. Anica wants to move away and start life over, but she needs money to do that, and she plans on robbing the safe where Milutin keeps much of his loot. Stanislav (Vuk Kostic), one of Milutin’s lieutenants, has gotten wind of Anica’s plans and wants to spare his boss any additional annoyance as they try to prevent a skirmish with rival gangster Radovan (Josef Tatic) into exploding into a full-blown war. Hoping to keep Anica from moving away, Stanislav hopes to change her mind by sharing a secret with her – that he’s fallen in love with her. –

Like most of you, before this venture, I had never heard of this movie and if it wasn’t for this venture I probably never would have and for good reason.  This is an average movie with a couple of good qualities and a couple of bad ones.  There was some good dialogue, bland acting, good music and a decent love story.

There is nothing much to say about this movie.  The dialogue in this movie was good, but then again, it had to be, because the movie really had nothing much more going for it.  The dialogue is weaved nicely into a decent love story which was never that good to begin with.  It isn’t helped at all by the extremely bland acting in the movie.  Everyone basically picked a setting and stuck to it.

The music in the movie was good.  There was one song that seemed to be the theme of the movie that I really liked.  It was called “Besame mucho”, which in English means “Kiss me a lot”.  It was sung a lot in the movie and the lyrics seemed to fit the story perfectly.

Like I said, there is nothing much to say about this movie.  Overall, it is an average movie with a couple of cool points.

IMDB says 6.6/10

RT says N/A

I say 6.5/10

Click here to see the second half–>


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