Group Stages – Round 1: BYE (PAR) vs Black Sheep (NZL)

by Nicholas Robinson

The first half: Paraguay has been designated as a bye team and so automatically receives a score of 0/10.

The second half: An experiment in genetic engineering turns harmless sheep into blood-thirsty killers that terrorize a sprawling New Zealand farm. –

I saw the trailer for this movie a while back on either one of the Grindhouse DVDs or the 1408 DVD, I can’t seem to remember which right now, but that’s not important right now.  When I saw the trailer, I thought it looked pretty funny and a decent horror movie but never got around to watching it.  Now that I have, I’m slightly disappointed.  I mean, there were some funny bits, but the story was bad, the acting was average and the gore was only decent.

Let’s start with the story. Now, I understand that most horror movie stories are bad, but recently they have been getting kind of good with movies such as 1408 or Planet Terror or Saw (which is technically not a horror movie but I count it as one) so I expected it to be at least average, but it was bad.  The way the whole disease-thing got out was laughable due to my way of thinking, but the ending and the so-called twist was bad.

The acting in this movie was average all around.  There were no standout performances whether good or bad, but that is to be expected in a horror movie so I was fine there.  Now, this was supposed to be a horror comedy but I didn’t laugh all that much during the movie.  I mean I laughed at the releasing of the disease-thing, because that’s what I believe causes epidemics and such in real life (although technically if the people never experimented on animals in the first place, environmental nuts wouldn’t release them at release unknown zombie diseases and shit) and I laughed when the dude got his dick bitten off but that was about it so low score on comedy.

The gore in this movie was pretty decent, but it also looked really fake.  The attacking sheep, only looked like sheep from a long way away and when they were close up, they looked mechanical.  Also, the man/sheep hybrid that one of the characters turned into looked extremely fake.  There was no way that I would believe that if I got bitten by a radioactive sheep that I’d look like that.

Overall, it’s a slightly laughable, average horror film that I wouldn’t recommend you watching unless you have nothing to do.

IMDB says 6.0/10

RT says 70%

I say 6/10

The result: New Zealand wins.  Paraguay 0 – 6 New Zealand


~ by sputnikreviews on August 22, 2010.

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  1. this is awesome man

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