Group Stages – Round 1: City of Men (BRA) vs BYE (CIV)

by Nicholas Robinson

The first half: In the slum in Morro da Sinuca, a couple of days before turning eighteen year-old, Laranjinha (Darlan Cunha) tells his best friend and also orphan Acerola (Douglas Silva) that he misses his unknown father. Acerola decides to help his needy friend to find his father and they discover that he is in prison convicted for killing a man during a robbery and near to be released on parole. Meanwhile, Acerola’s wife and babysitter Cris (Camila Monteiro) is invited to work in São Paulo and she sees the chance to raise money to buy a house of her own; she tells Acerola that he must take care of their son Clayton (Vinicius Oliviera/Vitor Oliviera) alone for one year. When the owner of the hill and Laranjinha’s cousin Madrugadão (Jonathan Haagensen) is betrayed by his right-hand Nefasto (Eduardo ‘BR’ Piranha), he is expelled from the slum and Laranjinha and Acerola have also to leave the hill. While Madrugadão plots a plan to invade and recover the hill with the support of the gang of the drug lord from Morro do Careca (Babu Santana), Acerola and Laranjinha unravel the past of their fathers. –

I have to apologize for the lateness of this and any other articles from here on out.  I am starting medical school in a couple of weeks and may be too busy to be on time, but I will try to be as on time as possible.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  Now, on to the movie.  Everything in this movie was either average or decent.  The story was decent, the acting was decent and everything else was basically average.

The story of how the two best friends solve the mysteries of their missing fathers while this entire drug war is going on right outside their back door is pretty decent.  The way the mystery unravels about the connection between their two fathers is done pretty well.  Also, I liked the use of the flashbacks in this movie.  They were well-timed and placed in the story, making them an effective tool for storytelling.

The acting in this movie was generally decent but as usual there are a couple of performances that stand out.  Darlan Cunha was good as the boy turning eighteen and just wanting to find out the identity of his father so he doesn’t go the rest of his life with an ID card that says “fatherless” on it.  Douglas Silva was also good as his best friend who will do anything to ensure that his best friend gets what he wants/needs while taking care of his own problems.

As I said above, everything else in this movie was basically average.  However, the gunfights in this movie were pretty cool.  Instead of ridiculous gun action, there was realistic action with realistic sounds instead of the regular amplified sound of the gun firing.

Overall, it’s a good movie that makes me want to watch their other movie, City of  God.

IMDB says 7.3/10

RT says 75%

I say 7.5/10

The second half: Cote D’Ivoire is designated as a bye team and so automatically receives a score of 0/10

The result: Brazil wins.  Brazil 7.5 – 0 Cote D’Ivoire


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