“Micmacs” Stays True To Its Meaning

by Nicholas Robinson

Avid movie-watcher and video store clerk Bazil (Dany Boon) has had his life all but ruined by weapons of war. His father was killed by a landmine in Morocco and one fateful night a stray bullet from a nearby shootout embeds itself in his skull, leaving him on the verge of instantaneous death. Losing his job and his home, Bazil wanders the streets until he meets Slammer (Jean-Pierre Marielle), a pardoned convict who introduces him to a band of eccentric junkyard dealers including Calculator (Marie-Julie Baup), a math expert and statistician, Buster (Dominique Pinon), a record-holder in human cannonball feats, Tiny Pete (Michel Crémadès), an artistic craftsman of automatons, and Elastic Girl (Julie Ferrier), a sassy contortionist. When chance reveals to Bazil the two weapons manufacturers responsible for building the instruments of his destruction, he constructs a complex scheme for revenge that his newfound family is all too happy to help set in motion. – IMDB.com

Before a few days ago, I had never even heard of this movie.  But I was going through a lot of Top Ten Lists on the internet and this movie appeared on quite a few of them, so I looked it up.  I then read that it was a dude taking down weapons corporations and I was sold.  I went down to the local DVD rental place (I need to stop saying this), got it, popped it in my DVD player and enjoyed.  The story was wonderful, the acting was really good, the cinematography was beautiful and the music was ok.

The story in this movie was wonderful.  The plot to topple the corporations was amazingly complex and thought out to every single detail.  In fact, the complexity of it reminded me of the heists in the Ocean’s series.  The way it was shown was good too.  Unlike a lot of these movies where they tell you everything except one big twist in the plan near the end, they tell you absolutely nothing and just showed you as it happens and the results of it.  Also the love story sub-plot was shown really well with not much dialogue and a lot of emotion that made you feel like they were falling in love with each other without having to tell you to your face.

The acting in this movie was really good.  Dany Boon did really well as the man who is out for revenge on the people who took away his father and made him likely to drop dead at any given moment.  He shows us the anger inside him without screaming, without scowling, just by his actions you can tell everything he is feeling without him saying a word.  The chemistry between all the actors and actresses who were a part of the “family” in the movie was great.  They actually made you feel as if they were a family instead of a bunch of actors that were placed in roles so they could get a paycheque.

The best aspect in this movie was not the story, not the acting, but the cinematography.  Every shot in this movie was so beautiful and meant something in relation to the story that it just had to be mentioned.  I think my favourite scene in this entire movie would be when they put the clip on Youtube at the end and there were shots of a ton of people watching it and sharing it with their friends.  Another scene is when he gets shot.  You see the gun fly out of the shooter’s hand and bounce on the ground and go off, all in slow motion.  It was beautiful.

The music in the movie was OK.  In fact for most of the movie, you didn’t know there was music at all.  I don’t think that there has ever been a movie that I have watched where the music was this insignificant.

Overall, it was a really good movie with some fun moments and great cinematography.

IMDB says 7.3/10

RT says 74%

I say 8.5/10


~ by sputnikreviews on January 6, 2011.

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