Trailers Of The Week: No Strings Attached, Paul, The Mechanic and Ice Age 4

by Nicholas Robinson

Hey guys, I’ve decided to start this new column where I post the trailers that I see each week that I find cool, funny or just plain intriguing.  I will also say what I think about the trailer and whether or not the movie looks good, stuff like that.  Well, this week some pretty good trailers came out for No Strings Attached, Paul, The Mechanic and Ice Age 4.

No Strings Attached

This was a fun little trailer that made me laugh quite a bit when I saw it.  Once you don’t mind raunchy humour, then you’ll like it.  Also, Natalie Portman is in it which is always a plus.  However, Ivan Reitman has not been on his toes with his last couple of directed films (i.e. My Super Ex-Girlfriend and Evolution) and Ashton Kutcher is quite a deterrent.  But, if the movie is like this trailer for 90 minutes then I will be happy.

Expectation Level:  Low

What Should You Do? Rent it when it hits DVD


I have seen all of the trailers for Simon Pegg film, Paul and they have amused me at every turn.  This is a good trailer by itself, which is why I am featuring it, but I have seen a lot of the jokes and scenes in it in the previous trailers, so I am kinda hoping that this will be the last trailer before the movie comes out which is on March 18, 2011 in the US.

Expectation Level: Medium

What Should You Do? Check it out in Theatres

The Mechanic

Here is the reason why we love Jason Statham movies.  In this trailer, he shoots stabs and beats the shit out of a lot of people all with the blood and gore expected.  It is a great way to market the remake of the 1972 Charles Bronson movie, but with the fact that the original was pretty bad, I’m hoping that Jason Statham can bring his action mojo to it and make it that much better than the original.

Expectation Level: Medium

What Should You Do? Check it out in Theatres

Ice Age 4

Once again, they are bringing out another movie in the Ice Age franchise.  I have only seen the 1st movie, but I really liked it and plan to watch the other 2, but right now I will get my laughs out of all of these hilarious shorts featuring Scrat, the newest of which is below this paragraph right now and as usual, it made me laugh extremely hard when I saw it so until it comes out in 2012, enjoy Scrat.

Expectation Level: High

What Should You Do? Check it out in Theatres.


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