Jesse Eisenberg Likes Kevin Costner and Robert De Niro This Week in Blu-ray

by Nicholas Robinson

Hey guys!  I am reviving two columns and merging them into one.  That is I am merging the “This week in DVD” and “This Week in Blu-ray” and merging them into this column “This Week in DVD & Blu-ray” where I look at what is coming out on DVD and Blu-ray and recommend to you what I think you should do.  Hope you enjoy my opinion.

Buy It

The Social Network

If you are a faithful reader then you do not need for me to tell you why you should buy this.  If you are not a faithful reader, well it’s time to get started.  Any movie that goes on a top ten list for the year is worth the money to buy it in any format.

Blu-ray? Yes

Dances with Wolves (20th Anniversary Edition)

I personally have still not gotten around to watching this movie, but it’s on the list.  In the meanwhile, all of you who have and love it, should own this newest release on DVD or Blu-ray.  All the special features make it a wonderful buy for fans of the movie.

Blu-ray? Yes

Raging Bull (30th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray only]

Once again I still have not gotten around to watching this movie, but I did start it and of what I saw, it is worth the buy, not just for the special features, but for the movie itself.  A great release for the fans.  Enjoy it.

Rent It

Piranha 3D

Here is a movie that I plan to rent sometime soon.  It doesn’t look like a particularly good movie, but it looks like a fun movie to watch and laugh at with your friends, or watch with your girlfriend so she can cuddle up to you in fright(if she is like that with horror movies).

Blu-ray? Yes

Louis C.K.: Hilarious

Louis C.K. is a really funny comedian.  I love his show, Louie on FX and have been meaning to watch some of his stand-up straight up and I think I will check this out soon.

Blu-ray? No

Wayne’s World/Wayne’s World 2 Combo Pack

When I was young, I saw these movies on TV and loved them to death.  They made me laugh out loud for so long I would have to re-watch them because I missed a lot of the movie.  However, as time passes I know tastes change so I would have to rent them and watch them again before moviing this up to the buy section.

Blu-ray? No

Don’t Touch With A 10ft Pole

Alpha & Omega

Now, I haven’t seen this movie and I honestly never will.  I love Justin Long and Dennis Hopper as actors but this movie just looks like a piece of shit that was an excuse for the studios to release a 3D children’s movie to make some money.

Blu-ray? Yes

Stuff I Haven’t Heard Of

  • Once Upon A Time In America
  • Hot In Cleveland: Season 1 (DVD Only)
  • Rules of Engagement: Season 4 (DVD Only)
  • Army of Shadows

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