Spotlight: Martin Scorsese

by Nicholas Robinson

Hey guys.  So this is the week of new columns.  Today I’m introducing this column where I put the spotlight on an actor or director or hell, even a musician who scores films that I personally like.  Every week I will post a review of one of his/her movies that I list out in the introductory article for each spotlight (e.g. the one you are reading now).  I got the idea from when I used to watch Starz and Encore all the time and they would do the same thing except just play the movies over and over for the month along with the other programing.   For my first spotlight,   I will shine it on director/writer/producer Martin Scorsese.  Throughout the years he has given us wonderful movies about gangsters and cops and boxers and other things too.  So this month, I honour Martin Scorsese with the spotlight.


For this spotlight I will be watching and reviewing these movies (not necessarily in order):


  • Mean Streets [1973]
  • Taxi Driver [1976]
  • Raging Bull [1980]
  • The Color of Money [1986]
  • Goodfellas [1990]
  • Cape Fear [1991]
  • Casino [1995]
  • Gangs of New York [2002]
  • The Departed [2006]

The 1st one comes out next week so look out for it and enjoy!


~ by sputnikreviews on January 13, 2011.

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