Spotlight – Martin Scorsese: The Color of Money [1986]

by Nicholas Robinson

Pool hustler Fast Eddie Felson (Paul Newman) finds the young, promising pool player Vincent (Tom Cruise) in a local bar and he sees in him a younger version of himself. To try and make it as in the old days, Eddie offers to teach Vincent how to be a hustler. After some hesitations Vincent accepts and Eddie takes him and Vincent’s girlfriend Carmen (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) on a tour through the country to work the pool halls. However, Vincent’s tendency to show off his talent and by doing so warning off the players and losing money, soon leads to a confrontation with Eddie. –

Hey guys, sorry for the late post but due to unfortunate circumstances I was out basically all day and was unable to finish watching the movie until just a while ago.  However, it was worth the wait.  This movie was a great start to my spotlight on the great Martin Scorsese.  The story was good, the acting was great and the score was good.

The story was really good.  It was definitely not what I expected going into this movie and I liked that.  Even halfway through the movie I was still expecting something and then they throw me a curve ball in the middle and completely shift the focus of the movie and even give me basically a new protagonist which I found was very well done.  They then develop both protagonists equally leading to a good ending.  Kudos.

Paul Newman and Tom Cruise.  Need I say more?  I don’t, but I should.  Paul Newman gave a wonderful performance as Fast Eddie Felson, the pool shark who got pushed out of the game too early trying to get back in through Vincent.  He shows great emotion throughout the movie and just gives a great performance overall.  Tom Cruise also gives a really good performance as Vincent, the gung-ho new pool hot-shot that develops into this cocky bastard that can’t be controlled.  He does really well and just gives a great performance.  Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio was pretty average but did what she was supposed to (i.e. look pretty and play a supporting girlfriend)

The score in this movie was good.  It was hilarious 80’s movies score but it fit the movie wonderfully.  It was probably the same as most 80’s score in its techno-sound but it still fit the movie.  I also liked the way they shot the pool games especially when instead of focusing on moments, they put montages of a set of games which just included pool shots and was really good.  It is a great way to shorten the time of the movie and also to have something interesting on the screen.

Overall, it is a good movie that was very well acted and just plain well done.

IMDB says 6.9/10

RT says 91%

I say 8.5/10


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