Christian Bale is a Great “American Psycho”

by Nicholas Robinson

Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale), lives Wall Street by day and his nights are spent in ways impossible to fathom. He’s a soul-less, modern monster whose zealous materialism and piercing envy fuels his homicidal activities. –

This movie has always looked interesting to me and my brothers have been raving about it for some time now.  Also, one of my favourite working actors, Christian Bale played the main character (a serial killer) and I was sold.  So,  I finally got around to watching this movie and it was quite strange.  The story was strange, the acting was great, the kills were good and the music was really good.

The story in this movie was…weird.  There’s no other way to say it.  For the first hour and 15 minutes of this movie it seems to be jumping from kill to kill, with a few bits in between showing you how easily he can be set off and no real timeline as to how the movie is progressing and for this time I was wondering how in God’s name this could be considered a great movie.  However, once it got to those final scenes and you actually get why the story is how it is, you get one of those “Aha!” moments and it all just comes together and it was done quite well.

Even though there was a ton of other people in this movie,  the only person who is on screen for longer than 5 minutes is the main star, Christian Bale.  He was great.  Every single scene, you could see his talent as he switched from his mask to his true self and back again and how his materialistic nature fuels his kills in almost every way.  The last few scenes in the movie show another side of him (which I shall not state for spoiler reasons) and he just pulls it off so well and effortlessly it reminds me of how good an actor he really is (no matter how bad Terminator: Salvation was).

The kills in this movie were really good.  They were crazy, stylistic and just plain fun to watch.  The best kill for the entire movie I have to say involves Christian Bale chasing a hooker through a hotel floor wearing nothing but his sneakers and wielding a polished silver chainsaw.  In fact most of the other kills were just as good, freaky and visually enticing but I want you to either watch the movie for yourself or Youtube it.  However,  the thing that really distinguish the kill scenes from other movies is the music.

In the movie, Patrick Bateman is a music fanatic and every time there is a kill or something crazy, it is accompanied by a song from an 80’s album and Patrick’s critique of the artist or his/her work and it was so good.  There were songs from Huey Lewis and the News (never heard of them but the song in the movie as good), Phil Collins and Whitney Houston to name a few.

Overall, this is a movie that is not for the faint of heart but will be good once you stick it through to the end.

IMDB says 7.5/10

RT says 67%

I say 8.5/10


~ by sputnikreviews on March 8, 2011.

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