Aaron Eckhart and Jim Parrack Fight Aliens in a Somewhat Epic “Battle for Los Angeles”

by Nicholas Robinson

A Marine platoon faces off against an alien invasion in Los Angeles. – IMDB.com

Ever since the first trailer came out back in November, I have been waiting to watch this movie and I also got to see it 2 days before the Amreicans so “YEAH”.  Based on the trailer it looked like the bastard child of Saving Private Ryan and District 9 (both very good movies).  However good those movies are, the children of movies are never as good as the parents and that rings true here.  The story was pretty decent, the acting was great, the action was amazing and the visuals were great.

The story in this movie was pretty decent but didn’t feel THAT original.  Even though I expected a mash of Saving Private Ryan and District 9, Saving Private Ryan had an affair with Independence Day.  Like Saving Private Ryan, a group of soldiers are given the task to go behind enemy lines to save people and like Independence Day aliens bent on consuming Earth’s resources are invading and the soldiers also have to find a weakness so that they can be destroyed.  But even though it seemed like a mash of that I still found it fun and I liked how they showed you how LA looked after the invasion and then took you back 1 day to show you how it happened.

I really liked the acting in this movie.  All around, people were giving great performances, even the unknown actors in this.  The spotlight of this movie however shines on Aaron Eckhart who time after time gives a great performance and shows us why we love him so much in every movie he is in.  He gave an amazing performance as the troubled Staff Sergeant who has to try and deal with his mistakes while also trying to figure out a way to beat these invaders. Also, surprisingly, True Blood supporting star Jim Parrack also gave a great performance as Lance Corporal Peter Kerns, the traumatized soldier who does all that is necessary to get the soldiers and civilians out of the war zone.

I loved the action in this movie.  Not only did it look real, but the shots made you feel like you were part of the action.  During combat there were a lot of shots from first-person view, looking down the barrel of the gun or through a scope at enemies while they were being shot and just felt really cool.  Also, the tactical nature of the action contributed to the realism which almost always works on screen.  Also, certain lines like “We are Marine Battalion 2-5 Hoorah” before blowing up themselves just make it that much better.

The visuals were also great.  The marines looked very realistic especially with the dirt and grime on their faces after being out in the field.  Also, the aliens were so well done, especially for the anatomy scene.  All the ships looked so amazing my mouth was going “wow” a lot in the movie.  Overall, the visuals in this movie were really good and also reminded me of Saving Private Ryan with the war zone.

Overall, this was a fun movie with some great performances that I really enjoyed.

IMDB says N/A

RT says 42%

I say 8/10


~ by sputnikreviews on March 10, 2011.

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