Roger Sterling “Adjusted” My Way Of Looking At Romance Movies

by Nicholas Robinson

On the brink of winning a seat in the U.S. Senate, ambitious politician David Norris (Matt Damon) meets beautiful contemporary ballet dancer Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt) – a woman like none he’s ever known. But just as he realizes he’s falling for her, mysterious men conspire to keep the two apart. David learns he is up against the agents of Fate itself – the men of The Adjustment Bureau – who will do everything in their considerable power to prevent David and Elise from being together. In the face of overwhelming odds, he must either let her go and accept a predetermined path…or risk everything to defy Fate and be with her. –

Once again this week, ever since I saw the first trailer for this movie I just HAD to watch it.  Even if I had not and saw that Matt Damon was in it my money would be in the theatre’s pocket no questions asked.  Also, recently I started reading a book by Philip K. Dick, the very same person who wrote the short story that inspired this movie and in fact several other books and stories that have inspired movies such as Minority Report, Total Recall and Blade Runner, and that got me even more pumped to see this movie.  I was not disappointed.  The story was well written, the acting was really good, the visuals were ok and the cinematography was good.

The story for this movie was very well written.  What I really liked about this movie is a lot like the same thing I really liked about 1408 which is that even though this is based on a short story (which I read and is very good), they basically just took out the beginning (due to a mistake, a man sees “behind a curtain that he’s not supposed to even know exists”) and made up the rest and did it very well.  I really liked the way they told the story which is very much like Dick’s writing. They don’t bother explaining anything until they have to.  They just tell the story and assume that you (the audience) knows everything and only explain it because Matt Damon doesn’t and I really liked that.  The only thing I didn’t like about the story was the ending and if I say why it’ll spoil the movie so I’ll leave it there.

I really liked the acting in this movie.  Matt Damon does a really good job as the down-to-earth politician who will do anything to get what he wants, not only in politics, but in love.  Every time he is on screen he doesn’t just use his words but his face to show you the emotion that he is feeling and every time he notices that something has been adjusted, you see him start to sweat and become quite paranoid just looking around and acting generally well.  Emily Blunt does a good job as well portraying the loose cannon that Matt Damon needs to inspire him and was kind of a fun girl.  I also kind of liked the people from the adjustment bureau itself (John Slattery, Anthony Mackie and Terrence Stamp) but Anthony Mackie not so much.  He showed a lot of emotion but it didn’t seem that way to the audience which is what I didn’t like.

There is not much to say about the visuals in this movie except they were good.  “The Doors” in this movie looked fantastic with a lot of flow between the locations but other than that it looked quite good.  The cinematography on the other hand was great.  Every shot did what it was supposed to do and helped explain what is going on in the movie and also helped give hints to the explanation at the end of the movie.

Overall, this was a good movie with a lot of great stuff in it but a disappointing ending.

IMDB says 7.3/10

RT says 71%

I say 8.0/10


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