Hollywood Fantasy Draft III – Pitch Your Movie: True Western Legend

by Nicholas Robinson

You might have been wondering why there haven’t been any posts for the lastThis is the third time that Anomalous Material has held their Hollywood Fantasy Draft and this time I participated fully.  I was unlucky in my draft as several people outbid me in a LOT of people I wanted (Yes, YOU Red).  It was a fun event and now it is time for me to pitch my movie.

So, according to Anomalous Material’s rules my pitch should include the following:

  • A title and a logline: The 1 or 2 sentences that captures the concept of your film
  • A quick 2 or 3-sentence description that gives some background about the movie you are pitching: The genre, the premise and the scope of your film.
  • What makes your story unique and why should it be made into a movie?
  • A presentation of the cast and characters they play
  • A summary: the theme, the plot, the main characters, their goals, the conflict, what’s at risk and why should we care, any pivotal events or emotional turning points, and the conclusion.

So here I go again.

The Logline

Four Quests………… One Treasure…………… Which will prevail?

The Background

Here we have an action/adventure/drama/comedy set in Washington D.C., Mexico, England, Westbrook, TX, and Lahonton Valley in Nevada.  It’s premise is that there are four groups of people all set out after the same treasure for different reasons and they all end up in a Mexican standoff.  It is set in the early 1900’s with a slight tweak to history, being that the Civil War still rages on in the U.S.A

Why My Story Should Be Made?

After I heard that Will Smith was going to be in Tarantino’s new Western “Django Unchained”  I thought of writing a pitch that should be Tarantino’s Western and I hope he likes it (if he sees it).

The Characters


Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Arthur Ford, the best bank robber who gets caught and is summoned by the president to find a secret store of gold hidden by Jedediah James (cameo by Quentin Tarantino), the greatest train robber ever seen in the west.  He assembles his team: Bill Cawley (Xander Berkeley), Laura Mason (Emmy Rossum) and Jimmy Johnson (Justin Chatwin) and heads to follow the trail



Xander Berkely plays Bill Cawley, the muscle of Arthur’s crew.  His face is disfigured and in the army, he beat the shit out of someone who looked at him funny.



Emmy Rossum plays Laura Mason, the bag woman/grafter of Arthur’s crew.  She was a run of the mill pickpocket before Arthur found her and trained her.




Justin Chatwin plays Jimmy Johnson, newcomer driver to replace Rob Wilson (cameo by Brad Pitt) who narced on Arthur which is why he got pinched.





John Hawkes plays Lt. Jonah Henderson, a loyal lieutenant of the confederate army recruited by Steven Milton (Michael Parks), leader of the confederate army to find the aforementioned secret stash of gold.




Alexander Skarsgard plays Eric Stevenson, ruthless mercenary who loves to play (cheat) poker.




Michael Raymond-James palys James Lenier, a farmer with a history of violence trying to find a peaceful life but would do anything to help the South win the war.




Hailee Steinfeld plays Fiona Milton, Steven Milton’s daughter who forces herself onto the team using blackmail and strong arming.





Jessica Biel plays Jamie Lanahan, opportunistic woman who overhears the conversation between the president and Arthur and goes to Mexico to hire someone to help her retrieve the treasure for herself.





Alfonso Arau plays El Hombre leader of the Mexican gang that Jamie hires and has his own agenda.




Edgar Ramirez and Freddy Rodriguez play Carlos and Jesus Hernandez, brothers who are picked for the job by El Hombre and are part of his gang.  They are constantly bickering (for comic relief) in Spanish and English.





Michael Sheen plays Wesley Jones, an archaeologist/treasure hunter who partners up with Henry Robinson III (Sam Rockwell) to find the treasure.




Sam Rockwell plays Henry Robinson III a businessman who funds Wesley Jones’ research into Jedediah James.




Melinda Clarke and Mary Elizabeth Winstead play Sarah and Charlotte Jones, local hired guns who are also mother and daughter and are hired by Wesley Jones and Henry Robinson III for protection.





Mel Gibson plays President Williams who commissions Arthur Ford to find Jedediah James’ lost treasure.




Michael Parks plays Steven Milton, the leader of the Confederate Army who enlists his most trusted Lieutenant (Jonah Henderson) to find the treasure.



Quentin Tarantino directs this movie and also cameos as Jedediah James, the greatest train robber ever to be seen in the West amassed millions in gold never recovered after he was killed.




Click here to see the rest of the pitch!–>


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~ by sputnikreviews on June 7, 2011.

6 Responses to “Hollywood Fantasy Draft III – Pitch Your Movie: True Western Legend”

  1. […] Read “True Western Legend” >> […]

  2. I don’t know if you read my reply, but in case you didn’t read it i think it fits the Tarantino-esque vibe your going for, but i do think there are a bit too many characters.

  3. Nice pitch Nicholas. My only concern is that its way to detailed which makes it hard to keep track and read in one swoop. However, you also gain a lot from writing out some of these scenes in such detail.

    It feels like you know your western genre well. I can see traces from Wild Bunch, The Good the bad and the ugly etc. Also great choices in casting I actually wanted Emmy Rossum for my pitch in the Blake Lively role.

    You get extra credit for the casting on Melinda Clarke she is underrated! Very well done and I hope Tarantino is as thorough as you are!

  4. Nice pitch Nicholas. I think it needs a more climactic ending, such as a showdown between the 4 main characters who narrate the story. What happens to Arthur? He seems to simply die at the end.

  5. nice pitch, Nicholas…and long! as I said in Julian’s blog, everyone is writing long pitch…so far, Joel is the shortest one (but still long).

    I like the story and too many characters is not a big deal, but I agree with Castor…the ending is weak. I think you can make it better.

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