My Favourite Ryan Reynolds Performance: Buried [2010]

by Nicholas Robinson

With Green Lantern coming out today in theatres in the US, I decided immediately that I wanted to do a Top Ten Ryan Reynolds list.  However, when I actually started to formulate them, I only found 7 good ones that I had seen and one of them was a cameo.  Therefore, I decided to write a full article on what would have been my number one performance without a doubt, Paul Conroy in Buried.

Before I saw this movie, I saw Ryan Reynolds as an almost strictly comedic actor who did his job (better than others but in terms of acting it felt like he was just playing himself).  However, this movie is to Ryan Reynolds as Se7en and Fight Club are to Brad Pitt, Nowhere Boy to Aaron Johnson or The Fountain to Hugh Jackman.  What I am trying to say is that THIS is the movie that proved to me that Ryan Reynolds can act.  He gave a performance that actually almost had me in tears at the end of the movie.  This is an achievement not only because I rarely cry at the end of movies but because I knew what was going to happen midway into the movie.

Every thought or emotion going through Conroy’s head in this movie I could think and feel.  The claustrophobia, the fear, the pain, the hope, the disappointment, the sadness, the grief, the anger and the hatred were all going through my head and heart as I was watching this movie.  It could almost be described as magical what an amazing performance this was.  From the moment, Paul woke up in the coffin buried under the desert in Iraq, Ryan does not relent in the emotional, gut-wrenching nature of his character.  His corporate life and status, his personal life and even the relationship he has with the hostage coordinator (or something like that I don’t remember the exact title, but the dude on the phone who helped look for him) is perfectly conveyed through Ryan’s acting.

Every phone conversation he has throughout the movie, with the terrorists, the hostage guy, his employers, his wife, his sister-in-law and so on.  Ryan’s reactions and emotions in those conversations are not only perfectly suited for the situation, but they are the same emotions and reactions that I or any of you would be having if I or you were placed in that situation.  So not only does he portray his character very well, he allows you to relate with him and his situation even though you probably never have been and never will be in it.  THAT is acting gold.

Now, people might be angry with me when I say this or they may even agree with me, but THIS performance, if he keeps it up, could be the first step to respect and notoriety to the likeness of Robert De Niro, Anthony Hopkins, Gregory Peck, Morgan Freeman or even Albert Finney.


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